Monday, 8 September 2014

Lewis Nixon - Band of Brothers

Hey! It has been quite a while. I don't know who checks out this page, but I thought I'd at least give it some touching-up. Here's some work from 29-6-14. I've been well, and brushing up on my anatomy. Damn, the previous anatomy stuff was just dreadful.

Sculpting a likeness hasn't been attempted by me for quite some time! After a while, I became quite pleased with the likeness, though it's not really all that spot-on. Ears and general fat-pads of the face could be improved, in retrospect.


Helmet design I worked on. Took a while to solve, but I ended up using a mix of zBrush's "insert micro mesh" tool and IMM stroke tools. 

Above, you can see the block-out of his undershirt. Took a while to get a pleasing result with this one, I was still learning the core fundamentals of MD at the time of creation (despite toying with it a few years prior).

High-poly finished. Here, you can see the added pouches, shoes, lapel pin, and scarf.

(above) low-poly wires. I ended up removing the boot laces to conserve polygon count and general density.

This is probably my favourite one. The clothing after taking it out of Photoshop. Got some nice shine to the boots and all that. To create the webbing for the helmet, I used a displacement map.
Final render of Nixon. However, I'll return to this when I've got more free time. Same with the Hangman. There's still some unfinished business to attend to!

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