Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Gone with the Blastwave: Rifle

Gone with the Blastwave: Rifle

 So with my character model finished, I needed to find some sort of equipment for him to use. My attention was drawn to the snipers weapon in this comic, as well as a few others. The gun looks similar to the G3A3 assault rifle. 

So with that as my inspiration, I started working away at my next asset for this character.

As you can see below, there are some very simple stages when creating a gun model. Despite the fact that there are literally millions of images of guns online, it's still difficult to find certain angles of which one can work off of. I basically had to use inference for some parts of the gun. For example, the width of the handle and stock. 

I came back a few days later with a new outlook on what the rifle should be like. The new version was more topologically correct, with each polygon actually serving a point, as well as the rifle shown below being more accurate to its real-life counterpart.

After about a day of texturing in photoshop, with the help of about 15 brushes and custom textures, I finished the rifle. As you can see below, I textured two variants. One realistically: a worn, torn, battle rifle that had obviously seen a lot of action, and the one below that, a party-like weapon, painted in such a way to offer barely any camouflage in the elements. 

Of course, the party-gun was just for kicks. I think it still looks cool, though. 

Here's a final render of the gun. Of course, there are two sides, and the other side has a bolt and a few differing aesthetics, but it's nothing too fancy. 

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