Sunday, 5 January 2014

"Katharine" Survivor

So I finished The Last of Us for a third time this weekend, and it inspired me to jump into zBrush and create a similar sort of feel with one of my characters.

As of today, I've been working on this model for about 6-7 hours. Not bad, I say!

I have no idea why I tried to make a low-poly face first. But it's good practice! 

Here's the near-final anatomical sculpt. First time trying to create female anatomy. Happy with this beyond belief.

Left: Katharine with a fancy bra. I used it for reference when placing the clothing.
Right: The rest of Katharine's body, which consists of about ~2 million polys. If you noticed, I copied the boots from the Hangman model, because I fucking hate creating boots of the same type again. Definitely something I've gotta work on.

So today I worked on finishing the full-face gasmask. I also added a hospital patient band to her wrist. Unfortunately I was the victim of a terrible Toshiba harddrive crash, and lost all of my previous increments and saves.

Don't fret! Katharine was sitting in my Dropbox, so I didn't lose all progress. I did have to re-model the tied-back part of her hair.

New update! I've added a whole lot recently. Don't worry, she has a head (along with hair) and hands! I've just left them out right now, as they're detracting a lot from the model. The face, mainly, needs to be fixed.

So, I moved onto retopology and texturing! However, the UV map for her head needed an extra slice. Unfortunately this resides in the center of the chest, and really breaks the texture seamlessness.

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