Sunday, 26 January 2014

"Hangman" Operator: Part 2 - Game-ready

Here we go! Second part to my Hangman sculpt. If you haven't seen that, scroll down a bit. There's a giant section on each part of the model. Here we go with a next-gen game low-poly model. I say next-gen because It's going to be tough narrowing this guy down past anything below 30k.

Getting there! The shirt polycount is a bit high.

New update: almost done. Just going to work on the helmet and it's smooth sailing.

Final normal bakes. Really pleased with the result.

Working on the texturing now. All of my textures are "hand-painted", in the sense that I use maybe one or two actual textures, and the rest is brushtrokes with different colours. I love this method a whole lot, and you can get some great results, as seen below in my texture pass:

Here's the final model! Rather low-poly for the pretty detailed silhouette. I hope to pose the character tomorrow. See how that goes. I may also try one without the NVGs.

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