Monday, 15 April 2013

Gone with the Blastwave: Flamer

Gone with the Blastwave: Flamer

Been working on this for the last few days. 

On the left is my idea for sections of the model, as well as some notes. To the top right is the original rebreather, but it didn't match the drawings so I cut it. Bottom right is the body base mesh which I made in Maya. 

Here are some of my preliminary designs. The helmet was originally going to include a mount for goggles. This was scrapped in the final design.

Here are two different jacket types. I used the top one because it had a better flow, although it doesn't stay true to the artworks. 

More testworks of lighting, AO and such. This egg-shaped helmet would eventually go to be dumped by a sleeker, more topologically correct helmet.

Texture tests.

Pipe textures. These didn't require such high detail because they were rather dark and mostly obscured.

Primary render test, unfinished.

Closeup of some of the details.

Final fullbody renders.

This model and all of the textures were created by me, and were inspired by the works of Kimmo Lemetti. 

Look at his stuff here:

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