Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Rebel Character Model

The Rebel:


I would be lying if I didn't say that the reason I originally got into 3D was to make cool guns and stuff. But that was then, and this is now
Returning to my original modeling ideas isn't the best thing to do, especially seeing as it was so long ago, but it looks like it's going to be a great test of my skills.

It started with the modeling of a Magpul Massada. I started with a box and slowly molded it into the shape of the ACR. Excuse my poor terminology.

In this model: 
- Rail guards
- Dual magazine (with visible rounds)
- Ironsights and red-dot sight
- Folding stock
- Angled foregrip
- Silencer

As to-scale as I could possibly get.

It was then I thought, "why don't I create a person to go along with this weapon?".
After all, the model did look pretty lonely. 

It was then I started development on the rebel.

I created a pretty damn simple body with zSpheres within zBrush 4R2. 

That being said, I need to brush up on my anatomy. There are problems with this model (but it's not too bad). 

Then I began to work on the clothing of my rebel. Folding clothes within this program is pretty easy, and you can do it a variety of ways. 

For example, you can double up on the model and just slice anything you don't want (slice the arms on the second layer if you want him to have a t-shirt) and just have at it!

So after about a day of working on the folds of the rebels relatively simplistic clothing, I started working on the molle vest he was going to wear.

It took a while, but I finally managed to get my head around the tortoise-shell shape of the kevlar and get further into the little tidbits and attachments of the vest.

 Sorry I don't have any images of the beginning models like the ACR above. It didn't occur to me.

Oh, and here's the RPG-7 which will be accompanying the rebel. I plan to create a Mossberg shotgun later on that he can sling someplace. But that is for another time!

Thanks for reading :)

UPDATE (6/02/2013):

I finished the kevlar vest (front and back). I have also added in the two weapons I made previously. 

Here's the preliminary design of the vests backing:

After about thirty minutes - an hour of toying with the shape of the back, I finally settled on a design and added straps.

I then added on the sleeping bag. The original plan was to have it higher up on his back. I decided on making it lower later on.

Here's the back of the vest (just about done). I added in a Camelbak along with changing the position of the sleeping bag. The bags topology is also smoothed out a bit, although I'm sure I don't need that many polygons.

Finally a few tests on where I could store the ACR and RPG-7. This will no doubt change in the final result.

UPDATE (8/02/2013):

I am just about done with the modeling portion of the Rebel. I've figured out the setting and what the render is going to look like. Over the next two days or so I'll have to tackle the most daunting task of all: texturing.

Here's an update with most of my recent progress.

I started working on the welding mask for my character. The setting is that of which the sun has become incredibly bright. 

The planets inhabitants need eye protection to defend themselves against the harsh, blinding light.

You would probably grab whatever you could get your hands on in order to stop yourself from going blind.

I quickly modeled some elbow pads (which I later molded into knee pads). 

I then moved onto adding footwear. The upper part of the boot was later scrapped seeing as he didn't really.. need that part showing. I re-modeled this many, many times and found it tough to get right. 

After adding all of the extra parts on, I did a front/back shot of the character so far. Without the wireframe this time. 

Here is a skylight render of the character. So far it's been about three days since part one.

This is my first character model, I'm pretty happy with it so far. That being said, saying that something is your first shouldn't be an excuse for sloppiness

UPDATE (9/02/2013):

I finally decided to start the Mossberg 590 shotgun for the Rebel's sling. 

This is what the shotgun looks like on the rebel. Take note I've begun work on some sort of face mask. There is also a thigh holster now. So far so good!

UPDATE (10/02/2013):

Here we go. The final few steps. 

This update involves the texturing process. It took me a whole day, there are a few problems with it, but seeing as the model is only being used for a single image I can't see a huge problem with the underside of an arm being slightly discoloured. 

I pulled the characters body into zBrush to do the initial colouring. I added a UVW Map inside of 3Ds Max then exported to zBrush. This way, there aren't any mix-ups during the process. 

There have been many times where I've textured the model in zBrush only to find out that it isn't matched properly, making the whole day of texturing moot.

Here's a shot of the colouring of the creases on the t-shirt. I feel that adding darker variants of a certain colour helps to beef the texture.

Then I began the ACR texture. I used an image of a SCAR and then just painted over the parts I didn't want in Photoshop.

Final ACR. It was broken up into about 6 pieces or so. Center piece, magazines, stock, sights, foregrip + silencer, and the barrel.

Here's a shot of the assets that I had textured at the time. 

Finally, here's a shot of the finished product. The characters modeling and texturing process has been completed. Next up is the rigging process and finally the render process.

Thanks for reading!
- Stirling Rank

FINAL UPDATE (16/02/2013):

I took a short break, but I am back with renders!

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